DermaPeel Natural Silk Pouch

DermaPeel Natural Silk Pouch
DermaPeel Natural Silk Pouch
DermaPeel Natural Silk Pouch
DermaPeel Natural Silk Pouch

DermaPeel Natural Silk Pouch

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• Silk bath scrub made of natural raw silk can be used safely on sensitive face and neck area and on light colored and sensitive skin.
• Suitable for unisex use.

• Wash your Dermapeel Pouch with hot water without using soap.
• Without using soap, shower gel etc. on your skin, wait under hot water for 3 minutes for your skin to soften and turn off the water for 1 minute until your skin is ready for a scrub.
• On your softened skin, apply your Dermapeel Pouch to your skin with up and down soft movements. Avoid pressing too hard. During this application, you will see that the dead skin is shed by rolling.
• After you complete your scrub, you can continue with your normal washing.
• It is ideal to use a pouch every 15 days for the removal of dead skin.

• Choose the most suitable product for your skin type.
• Avoid pressing too hard and hard movements while scrubbing.
• Never use on damaged and irritated skin.

About Dermapeel Scrub
• Scrubbing with Dermapeel Pouch exfoliates your skin and helps the skin to regenerate by breathing by removing the dead skin formed on the skin and the oil, dust and dirt accumulated in the pores of the skin. Scrubbing is exfoliating your skin. The use of Dermapeel pouch, which is produced from completely natural products, is the most natural way of peeling.
• It is important that you do not use any cosmetic products while using the Dermapeel pouch.
• Dermapeel pouch is sufficient to remove the dead skin.
• It is effective in eliminating sunken problems on the skin.
• Regular use of Dermapeel Pouch helps to remove color pigmentations on the skin, minimize staining and restore the natural color of your skin.
• Regular use of Dermapeel Pouch on cellulite areas minimizes the formation of cellulite by making a massage effect.

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