PFB Vanish Ultra - 93g

PFB Vanish Ultra - 93g
PFB Vanish Ultra - 93g

PFB Vanish Ultra - 93g

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PFB Vanish Ultra is a three-in-one treatment that fights post-hair-removal ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and dark spots.

Same ingredients as the PFB Vanish Chromabright but added antioxidants, mushroom, plankton, white water lily.

Glycolic, Salicylic, and Lactic acid exfoliate the top layers of skin to allow the trapped ingrown hair to lift above the skin line. This, in addition, aids in the penetration of antioxidants, mushrooms, plankton, white water lily and Chromabright to target the abnormal accumulation of melanin which is responsible for hyperpigmentation.

This new formula is enhanced with antioxidant power to provide even more brightening and protective properties, becoming your ultimate anti-ageing body care product.

- Prevents ingrown hair

- Defends against razor burn

- Diminishes dark spots

This is a powerful anti-ageing, antioxidant-loaded formula formulated to address the most troublesome hair growth. 

ULTRA by PFB Vanish has stronger protective, moisturising and regenerating effects on the skin, and an enhanced ability to correct, brighten and protect from skin imperfections with four powerful skin lightening ingredients: shiitake mushroom, white water lily flower, plankton extract, and Chromabright.

The serum offers anti-inflammatory benefits, promotes healing, and regulates skin pH all critical features of a post-hair removal treatment.

The convenient, soothing, roll-on applicator is ideal for use on any area of the body.


Apply once a day

Start by applying every other day only to begin with. Cleanse your skin with warm water using your fingertips, then rinse thoroughly and blot dry. Don’t scrub or rub dry with a towel. Wait 10 minutes, then apply the Roll-On sparingly as directed. Swipe only once onto the affected area, then massage into the skin until the gel is fully absorbed.


Don’t roll the product onto the skin in a back and forth motion to create a thicker coat. Apply too much can cause stinging, redness, excessive dryness, peeling, and skin discolouration. Mild flaking is normal. Don’t attempt to scrub off flaking skin.

Do not apply to irritated or broken skin. Do not use deodorant under arms during the use of PFB. This product is only to be applied externally. Do not use it on feet, elbows or knees. 

PFB Vanish products contain exfoliants, so additional exfoliation is unnecessary and may contribute to unwanted side effects. They must be used as directed consistently to be effective.

It is important to apply sunscreen to all exposed skin during the day. Reapply often when exposed to the continuous sun. 

Do not use it if allergic to aspirin. Do not use during pregnancy or breastfeeding. 

Apply sunscreen daily when using products that contain Alpha Hydroxy acids (AHA's)

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